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A space for you to creatively experience yourself—through coaching, breathwork, ritual, and empowerment circles.

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Hello! I'm
Jen Diamond.

I came to myself as I got tired of being everyone else’s version of me.

For a long time, I looked outside and related to what was going on inside of me as if it was the problem, versus hearing the very voice I was always missing.


I promised myself that I would just stop, and see what my deepest voice was saying.


And that—being able to discern my voice from that of everything around me—has been transformative.

I bring listening with all the different ways that I have been trained to listen for authenticity and reflect that back to you.


I bring a deep intuition.


I bring my training in reiki and astrology, tarot, breathwork, coaching, and group facilitation.


I bring the experience of working through and living through what life has delivered.


I bring a space to give you the freedom to explore yourself.

I am a compassionate people person and a voracious learner at heart, so I am always looking for creative ways to engage people in meaningful learning opportunities that result in them living lives they create.

Let's connect and see if working together could be supportive of your process of discovery.

- Jen -

More About Jen Diamond

  • Certified Coach

  • Certified Breathwork Facilitator

  • Astrologer, Tarot Master, Reiki Healer

  • Trained Facilitator 

  • Master of Arts in Student Development Administration

  • Bachelor of Science in Community Health & Women’s Studies


For the past 15 years, Jen Diamond has designed, led and implemented coaching programs, events and seminars that support people in achieving and surpassing their goals for what they ever thought to be possible—physically, emotionally, professionally, relationally, spiritually, mentally. Jen holds a deep commitment to human beings having access to living with courage and joy and being inspired in their learning process. She creates collaborative structures and communications rooted in social justice and inclusion for stories and communities to be equitably represented. Jen is trained to utilize powerful tools for ritual and discernment, and is rooted in coaching practices that utilize the latest neuroscience research into how humans are wired to make meaning and unlock their own potential in spite of stuckness. Jen is also fun and real. Quick to laugh—seeing the silliness in life and the everyday—and easy to talk to about any topic.



A 1:1 session is a creative space for what you need in your journey of listening to your authentic voice.

Clients focus on empowering decision-making, completing aspects of their past, empowering in being in action in the lives.

Breathwork, discernment support, coaching, tarot, reiki—all are available to draw from in response to where you're at and what questions you are asking.

Let's connect to see what you're seeking and how we might partner together.

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a book with crystals and a plant
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Empowerment Circles are powerful places for us to be together. Spaces where we can grow our self-expression, leadership, communication and ways of being ourselves in relationships.

You're welcome to create your own! Reach out if you have an idea.


Circles where learning and listening deepens as we go together through it.


Experiences for femme-identifying teens, as they imagine their futures and goals. Jen brings experience as a student advisor, and a community educator—training and developing middle and high school age young people to recognize and skillfully develop healthy relationships, including supporting their peers.



In the flow of our everyday lives, there are many opportunities for ritual and being together intentionally. 


Jen is committed to empowering communities that are joyful and courageous—seeing joy and courage as fundamental for us as humans to meet the challenging and dynamic times in which we are currently living.


Be Golden works with people and organizations that care about being and contributing more authentically, to make a positive impact on humanity.

Gatherings include:

  • Creating Connections

  • Breathwork Circles

  • New Moon + Full Moon Meditations

  • Full Moon Circles

jen diamond, woman sitting at table reading tarot cards
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You're welcome to create your own! Reach out if you have an idea.

About Being Golden

"You can be exactly as you are. Regardless of if that’s how you want to be right now, or how you will be later. There’s no way anybody has to be. No ‘doing it right.’ And inside of that, you can experience being safe. Know that I will adjust and adapt my listening accordingly without compromising the work." - Jen -

Being Golden is shining brightly from within and without. It’s also finding those little pieces of golden magic in ourselves that then turn into something bigger or brighter—or just turn into something. Being able to shine regardless or through ‘it.’

Alchemy is when you take lead and you turn it into gold through magic and chemistry. When we look at all those aspects of ourselves that have been stuck or leaden—and we bring a new way of interacting with them than maybe we originally did—and bring compassion or love or listening to that part, that event, that situation or piece of ourselves—then we can turn it to gold. Being able to shine is Being Golden.

"Curiosity is our space of being open to the unknown. Being able to be curious about whatever it is that is presenting itself for us to discover. Creating practices to allow ourselves to be interested, rather than already knowing. Willing to ask questions or listen and see what just shows up." - Jen -

Questions? Let's talk!

Thanks for reaching out!

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